Apply for fellowship

Please carefully read and follow the guide for applicants found below. Notice that you must use the required templates for your application. You can find and upload them under "application requirements". Late or incomplete applications will not be evaluated. Submission of the application can only occur using the online application system through the link below. Call closes 1 October 2023.


The eligibility requirements consist of precise and objective criteria. In addition, a complete set of application material submitted through UCPH’s online application system in due time is required to be eligible.

  • International mobility: Applicants can have any nationality, but must undertake transnational mobility according to the MSCA rules (must not have resided or carried out their main activity in Denmark for more than 12 months in the three years prior to the call deadline). Also, applicants employed at UCPH for more than three months before the application deadline will be considered ineligible.
  • Education and research experience: Applicants must hold a PhD degree followed by up to eight years of experience from for example academia, clinic, industry or biotech. Exceptions to the eight years-experience criteria are made for applicants with prolonged career breaks due to parental leave, illness or mandatory military/civil service (documentation required as part of the application). Therefore, all applicants who have not yet defended their PhD or have more than 8 years after their PhD will NOT be considered eligible.



Application can only happen online via the link on the LEAD homepage. A complete set of application material, including use of the mandatory application templates (Motivation, CV, reference list, eligibility declaration), submitted in due time is required to be eligible:



Please carefully follow the guide for applicants

Required templates for your application:

Applicants who pass the eligibility check and the remote scientific evaluation and are invited for interviews with the selection committee, will be asked to submit a research synopsis before the interviews, as part of the material reviewed by the committee.

Recruitment timeline

(please note that all dates apart from application deadline are approximate):

  • Call deadline: October 1st
  • Notification of passing the eligibility and invitation to interview phase: November 3rd 2023
  • Deadline for research synopsis: November 27th 2023
  • Interviews with scientific council: December 6-8th 2023
  • Notification of passing to second interview: December 18th 2023
  • Second interview with host lab: January 8-12th 2024
  • Final decision: January 31st 2024
  • Expected start date: April 1st 2024








The selection workflow is starting upon call closure consists of three phases:

PHASE 1: Eligibility screening (coordinator and programme manager):

  • Mobility
  • Education
  • Experience

PHASE 2: Evaluation

  • Scientific remote evaluation performed by the Scientific Review Panel (SRP)
  • Shortlist of candidates for interviews based on SRP scores by the Programme Coordination Committee (PCC)
  • Online interviews and evaluation of candidates performed by the Selection Committee (SC)
  • On-site visit with the potential host group leader (s) for the candidates positively evaluated by the SC

PHASE 3: Final selection

  • Final ranking based on SC scores, also taking into consideration candidate and host priorities (PCC)

In each phase, the predefined selection criteria and scoring of 1-5 will be used. Only applicants receiving a score above the quality cut-off (3) will be considered qualified.





The LEAD fellows will receive a 36 months contract with UCPH as a postdoctoral researcher, with BRIC specified as the daily workplace. The employment conditions will be equal to those of other researchers employed at BRIC/UCPH. The terms of employment, salary and pension are in accordance with agree­ments between the Ministry of Finance and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations on Academics in the State and include:

  • Scale regulated salary and pension (plus tax reductions for international researchers in DK)
  • Regulated work week of 37 hours/week
  • Full social benefits including health care
  • Right to salary during holidays (six weeks of holidays per year on top of national holidays)
  • Right to salary during own illness and child’s first two sick days
  • Right to parental leave (up to 32 weeks paid leave) and two child care days/child/year until age 7

The overall working conditions at UCPH is set out in a ‘Personnel Policy’, presented in a Personnel Policy Handbook and centred around a set of basic principles ensuring an open, collaborative, secure, including and developing work environment with equality for all staff . The LEAD fellows will:

  • Have flexible work hours and be encouraged to attain work-life balance
  • Participate in university and centre-wide satisfaction and well-being assessments
  • Have annual Performance and Development Reviews with nearest leader (host supervisor)
  • Be able to run and vote for university elections and BRIC Liaison Committee
  • Be hosted in a healthy physical work environment (mandatory training at BRIC in occupational health and safety issues and handling of potential hazardous reagents, governmental-regulated laboratory facilities and work procedures, non-smoking and alcohol policy, controlled indoor climate)
  • Be hosted in a healthy psychosocial work environment (freedom of speech, no-tolerance of harassment and bullying, coaching on stress-handling and in case of long-term illness)